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Bridgebuilders - Diminishing the difference 2017-2018!

Just one term into this incredible programme for some very lucky year 6 children and look at the positive comments that are already being said!

How are the Bridgebuilder sessions going? – ‘Yes my sessions are going good’, ‘ They are going okay’, ‘ My sessions are going very well’, ‘Good’, ‘Pretty good’
Do you find the sessions useful? – ‘Yes because it helps me with things I’m stuck on’, ‘Yes they are useful because my mentor tells me not to worry about Secondary School’, ‘Yes because we can talk about lots of different things’, ‘Yes, very useful’
Give me an example of how you think the sessions are helping you - ‘It helps me feel confident’, ‘Helping me with maths’, ‘Giving good things to talk about and good advice’, ‘They are helping me to set myself some goals for further life’, ‘To focus more’
Do you find your Mentor easy to talk to? – ‘Yes because you don’t need to be embarrassed to say anything’, ‘Yes because we have much in common and I feel like I can tell Hannah anything’, ‘Yes I do!’, ‘Yes because we can talk about lots of different things’
Is there anything you would change about the sessions? – ‘Nothing because I like it’, ‘No it's great sitting in a small area talking, its great!’, ‘NO! they are fine as they are’
The children do keep asking when their Mentors are coming, this proves that they are really enjoying taking part in the programme. Mrs Pauline Bartlett, Bridgebuilder organiser at APPS December 2017.

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