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Fire Horse Productions and ABC = Anti Bullying Champions!

Educating about bullying at APPS!

On Thursday, year 5 had a whole day of training from Kidscape on how to be ABCs (Anti-Bullying Champions). An ABC is a child who can identify different types of bullying. We learnt that 'STOP' means 'Several Times On Purpose'. Bullying is an act that is repeated, intentional, hurtful and can be done by a group or by just one person. By Kayla.

A good anti-bullying champion is: kind, caring, friendly, responsible, hard-working, considerate, heroic, confident, helpful, reliable and interested. By Lisa.

We learnt that there are 4 types of bullying and they are: cyber, physical, verbal and emotional bullying. By Ollie.

The role of an ABC is really important, as we have good role models in our school, who could help to make APPS a better place than it already is! By Katie.

We learnt all about banter, targets, bystanders and bullies. By Sophie.

Bullies can make people feel scared, sad and hurt. By Ryan.

Year 5 was chosen to train the school, as the year 6 children will be leaving soon. By Lucy.

Fire Horse Productions - Just Joshing! Today our whole school learnt about bullying through a theatre workshop. It was a play about how a girl called Danny, who was bullied verbally, physically and was a target for cyber-bullying, by a boy called Thomas. Danny's mum came in to school and was furious that her daughter was a victim of bullying. The head teacher ran an assembly about what bullying was and this made Thomas realise, just how horrible he had been and that he was in fact a BULLY! By Abigail and Trisha.


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