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Inspiring a Love for Lifelong Learning

Curriculum learning at APPS

A day at Ashford Park

Our children would like to share with you information about life at Ashford Park

At Ashford Park Primary School we can come in from 8.40am through the two gates after saying bye to our mum or dad and go into the classroom at 8.45am. There are always two members of staff on the gates who wear a pink tabard and carry walkie talkies to keep us all safe. Some people go to KOOSA breakfast club in the morning, which starts early at 7.45am. We have a thinking question on the board, and we listen to music. Then if we need to change our books we can. First thing in the morning we normally have 'Early Bird Maths', spellings and reading for enjoyment. If you are a Friendly Face, you need to be at school from 8.20am, to wear your special tabard, to greet the children at the school gates, especially the EYFS children.

We have an assembly at 9.05 a.m for KS1 and 10.30am for KS2 and in our assemblies we celebrate learning, sing songs, celebrate our houses (Earth, Fire, Water and Air) and think about our values. Our value for September was belonging for example. We sometimes have special guests as well. Then we have playtime from 10.45 to 11am. The prefects and Friendly Faces are kept super busy!

After break we go into our classroom and we have a Mindful Minute to help us think and reflect and to get ready for learning. After that we have maths or English and we also have whole class guided reading, where we are asked tricky questions about the books and texts that are on the white board or Learn Pads.

At lunch, we have a 'Come Dine With Me' experience. Some of us are Junior Playleaders and we make up games for others to play depending on how old they are, or Friendly Faces. We also play with the Scrap Store materials. If you're a prefect you can help with lunch clubs, or just do your duties, which help to keep the other children safe e.g not running in the walkways! We've also got the chance to take part in a multi-skills club, to keep you fit, run by Sports Focus! The Jubilee Garden is a nice place to go if you want peace and quiet, or the reading yurt, which has loads of great books to keep you busy, if you enjoy reading, OR the new JUNGLE! If you are on the ECO committee or School Council, you will meet at lunchtime.

After lunch we have may have SPaG sessions to stretch us with spelling and punctuation. After that we have two lessons maybe science, RE, art, DT, PE, history, music or geography. Then we get ready to go home at 3.15pm. Some of us go to our KOOSA after school club until 6pm, or take part in the other clubs such as rugby, football, film club, tennis, cheer leading or choir.

T Rex bone found during the solar eclipse!

Clever cornets, just 5 weeks in!

Choir welcoming our visitors to the Christmas Fair


Romeo and Juliet

Music Magic

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Ashford Park
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