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Inspiring a Love for Lifelong Learning

Learning at Ashford Park


At Ashford Park Primary School we are passionate about enabling each pupil to develop not only the mathematics skills and understanding required for later life, but also an enthusiasm and fascination about maths itself. We aim to increase pupil confidence in maths, so that our children are able to express themselves and apply their ideas using the language of maths with assurance.

Please find a link to the National Curriculum mathematics, programme of study for the teaching of mathematics and where we aim to teach our children to excel in its three core areas of:

  • Fluency
  • Reasoning
  • Problem-solving

Our principal aim is that children leave Ashford Park with a wide range of happy and rich memories in mathematics formed through interesting and exciting experiences that enhance a child’s awareness of their own abilities and strengths as a learner.

Through our mathematics lessons at APPS, it is our aim to:

  • Provide a high quality mathematics curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable;
  • Develop independent learners with inquisitive minds who have secure mathematical foundations and an interest in self-improvement;
  • Allow our children to enrich their knowledge by, for example, undertaking maths investigations outdoors and applying maths skills across the curriculum;
  • Develop a deep understanding of the mathematics they are studying through applying their prior knowledge to solve problems;
  • Provide a variety of mathematical opportunities, which will enable our children to make connections in learning and develop confident mathematicians who are not afraid to take risks.

The Teaching and Learning at Ashford Park

At Ashford Park Primary, we teach maths using the ‘White Rose Maths’ scheme. We use the small steps of progression and concrete and visual resources, to ensure a deeper understanding of concepts for all children. Fluency, reasoning and problem solving are at the heart of our teaching. We use the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach, which enables pupils to spend the time to fully explore a topic, reinforcing it with practise, before moving onto the next one. All ideas are built on previous knowledge and pupils have opportunities to develop relationships between topics, which is crucial in developing their understanding.

Ashford Park Early Bird Maths

Every morning, we begin our day with our Early Bird Maths sessions, which embeds and secures basic number skills. As mental strategies underpin many mathematical concepts throughout the mathematics curriculum, we focus on developing a deeper understanding of number and calculations, which can then be applied to increasingly complex problems.

Please find a link to these free White Rose resources and home learning opportunities: White Rose Home Learning 

Supporting your Child with Maths at Home

Whilst children learn about maths in school, there are also many ways that you too can support your child at home. There are so many fun activities and games you can include in your everyday routines! Because maths is all around us and we are using it every day, you will already be doing many of these mathematical activities and practising your child’s numerical skills without even thinking about it. The most important thing you can do is to make learning maths FUN! 

We have online platforms that the children have access to that provide them with opportunities to recap and further practise skills and concepts taught at school. These are Mathletics, Times Table Rock Stars and Math Shed.


Times Tables Rock Stars

Maths Shed

Maths Games:

Top Marks (A variety of KS1 and KS2 games - The ‘Hit The Button’ games are really good for recall of number facts) -

Maths Frame -

Crickweb (Free online games) -

Maths Zone -

Maths games to play at home

Learning guides and resources:

Maths Support Booklet - EYFS

Maths Support Booklet – 1

Maths Support Booklet – 2

Maths Support Booklet – 3

Maths Support Booklet – 4

Maths Support Booklet – 5

Maths Support Booklet – 6

Progression In Written Addition

Progression In Written Division

Progression In Written Multiplication

Progression In Written Subtraction

Please find the following websites to further extend your mathematical thinking - ENJOY! and

YEAR 4 Multiplication tables check information for parentsInformation for parents: 2021 multiplication tables check ( The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided.

  1. Times Tables Pack Parent GuideDownload
  2. Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-1Download
  3. Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-2Download
  4. Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-3Download
  5. Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-4Download
  6. Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-5Download
  7. Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-6Download
  8. Ashford Park Calculation PolicyDownload
  9. Maths workshopDownload
  10. Rockstar Times TablesDownload
  11. Times TablesDownload
  12. Multiplication chartDownload
  13. Multiplication SquareDownload
  14. Progression in MathematicsDownload

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