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Palenga Community School, Uganda

At APPS, we understand that we are global citizens with a global responsibility. Since 2011 we have greatly valued working in partnership with Palenga Community School in Uganda, where their committed teachers have made and sent to APPS, their beautiful jewellery. Children throughout Key Stage 2, have sold the jewellery at their enterprise events throughout the year sending the raised funds back to the school, to help with Palenga's future development plans. We have raised over £3000.00 through working in partnership with this Ugandan school.

Throughout 2019-2020, we will be seeking to support an alternative and worthwhile cause, as Palenga moves on to working with alternative schools in Windsor and Eton.

  1. Hello, my name is LagumDownload
  2. My name is OketwanyumpaDownload
  3. My name is OpiyuDownload
  4. Hello, my name is LamuraDownload
  5. Learning how to beat the drums and dance the traditional dances!Download
  6. Graduating!Download
  7. Congratulations!Download
  8. Feeling proud!Download
  9. Saying hello from Akumu Agnes.Download
  10. Stunning blue!Download
  11. Magical colour mix in this necklaceDownload
  12. Jewellery for everyday wearDownload
  13. Dress up or dress downDownload
  14. February 2018 £501.00 collected from the incredible APPS community!Download

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