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About Us

Swan Sanctuary, Shepperton

Having hatched our ducklings in April 2017, we decided as a school that we would like to keep these gorgeous fluffy yellow ducklings, to learn about their particular lifecycle. Well just a few months on, and our ducklings have grown in to rather huge white adult ducks, who are laying an egg a day, and who are guarded by the drake, Hugo.

To keep our ducks healthy, safe and well, Mrs Sally Goulden, a former parent, who is also a vet, regularly pops by to check on our ducks. To say thank you to Mrs Goulden, who is also the volunteer vet for the Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton, we hold enterprise events to raise money for this fantastic bird rescue centre. Our 'Dress like a duck day', raised £320 and it provided immense pleasure to then donate this money to the sanctuary, to support ducks, swans and all other typres of birds, during their time of medical need.

  1. Patiently waiting for the ducklings to hatch. Excited staff at APPS!Download
  2. EggbertDownload
  3. Medical checkDownload
  4. 3 months old and healthyDownload
  5. 4 months oldDownload
  6. First egg laidDownload
  7. Enjoying the Reflection GardenDownload

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