Our School

Behaviour Policy and systems, school rules and anti-bullying

Pupils' behaviour is calm and orderly. They are keen to work hard in lessons and they listen carefully to staff.

Ofsted 2018


Pupils behave well and feel very safe. They are polite, well mannered and proud of their school.

Ofsted 2014


Our School Rules:

  1. Keep myself and others safe.
  2. Show respect to all members of our school community.
  3. Make sure my behaviour allows other children to learn.
  4. Look after all property and our learning environment.
  5. Take responsibility for my own choices and actions.

We work in partnership with Kidscape to support and guide our children with preventing bullying behaviour.

Parent’s Helpline: 07496 682785, WhatsApp: 07496 682785

What is bullying? Bullying is significant and sustained behaviour over time that is unkind and unwanted. Bullying can be physical, verbal, mental and / or online. Bullying is wrong!

Whatever your problem or concern we are here to support you. All problems, whether big or small, will be answered with the same level of care and concern. Your call will be treated as confidential and you can remain anonymous.