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Inspiring a Love for Lifelong Learning

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Exciting News!!

Ashford Park now has its own page dedicated to all things ‘Reading’.

On our page, you can find book lists for all year groups, ideas for reluctant readers, inspirational text ideas and much more. This page is password protected meaning anyone who wishes to view our school page will need a password to see it. Please access the page via the URL: and the page password: AshfordPark. On your first visit you will need to enter this password to view the page and set up your own personal username and password.

Love Reading 4Kids also has lots of excellent ideas for book related activities, just look in the Kids Zone for inspiration. Please be advised that there is a charge to buy the books, however there are really useful extracts, if you wanted a flavour as to what each book is all about!

Reading lessons you could try:



Please find a link to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for English:

At Ashford Park we believe that the ability to read is fundamental to pupils’ development as independent learners, during their time at school and beyond.  Reading is central to our ability to understand, interpret and communicate with each other and the world around us.  Success in reading has a direct effect on progress in all areas of the curriculum; therefore reading is given a high priority at Ashford Park, enabling the children to become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers.


Here at Ashford Park we use a whole-class guided reading approach where rich and challenging texts are at the centre of our lessons.  An assortment of reading skills are taught alongside the text, which provide the children with the skills to comprehend and understand a variety of genres.

Why this approach?

  • It is a focused approach where reading skills are explicitly taught.
  • It expands pupils’ vocabulary and deepens their understanding of the texts they are reading.  
  • Children are able to access rich and challenging texts, with the opportunity to learn from each other and discuss different perspectives.
  • This approach enables verbal discussions and written responses.
  • It increases the children’s stamina for reading.

How is reading taught?

Whole-class reading follows a similar structure to other taught curriculum subjects; there is one learning objective for the whole class based around the same text and the desired reading skill(s) to be taught.

Over the course of the week, the children complete a range of activities that are devised by the teacher depending on the themes, structure of the chosen text and the focus of the reading skill/s being taught that day:






New Vocabulary from the text is introduced

Children make predictions


Teacher reads the text


Children use summarising skills after it's read

Children read an extract and use ‘Book Talk’ to answer:

Find it… (Retrieval)

Explain it…

and Link it… (Inference) type questions

Children respond to written questions and are trained on ‘how’ to answer these


Follow up Friday

[selected objective]


1:1 reading

Whole-class guided reading takes place from Year 1 (when ready) to Year 6.  Children in Year 1 initially focus on their phonics and are gradually exposed to this approach.

Rationale for the teaching of Writing at Ashford Park

At Ashford Park we believe that learning to write is one of the most important things that a child at primary school will learn. Children use their writing in almost all other subjects of the curriculum. Good writing also gives children a voice to share their ideas with the world. Writing makes a significant contribution to the development of children as thinkers and learners and independence, creativity and individuality is encouraged.

How is WRITING taught at Ashford Park?

At Ashford Park, children are given regular opportunities to write to inform, persuade and entertain through daily lessons. Each term there is a Fiction unit, Non-fiction unit and a poetry unit. These are based around a key text, which can, where appropriate, be linked to the term’s topic or Science work. In each of the units, children will be introduced to a model of excellence to show the expectation for the end of the unit. Within the unit, up to 3 grammar and spelling objectives will be introduced.

Summer Reading

APPS are delighted to be part of this day which heralds a summer of reading to support the young.

We aim to celebrate reading in all its diversity and want to help widen what counts as reading in schools and homes, and to build young people’s confidence to say ‘I am a reader!’

Below are some activities to enjoy with your children over the summer.

Summer Reading Adventure   

Prompts children to become reading adventurers – see below ppt.

Please also find below Reading Bingo and activities for promoting a love of reading for different age ranges.



  1. Sharing the Love of Reading 9-11 yearsDownload
  2. Sharing the Love of Reading 7-9 years Download
  3. Sharing the Love of Reading 5-7 years Download
  4. Reading BingoDownload
  5. Reading Together Treasure HuntDownload
  6. Supporting Readers at Home Poster Download
  7. Writing text typesDownload
  8. Writing workshopDownload
  9. Common Exception words years 1 and 2Download
  10. Common Exception words years 1, 2, 3 and 4Download
  11. English GlossaryDownload
  12. Supporting_parents_and_carers_at_home_-_What_schools_can_do_to_helpDownload
  13. URDU 7 Top tips to readingDownload
  14. PUNJABI 7 Top tips to readingDownload
  15. LITHUANIAN 7 Top tips to readingDownload
  16. BENGALI 7 Top tips to readingDownload
  17. POLISH 7 Top tips to readingDownload
  18. 7 Top tips to support reading at homeDownload
  19. 7 Top tips to support reading at home (1)Download

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