Attendance is an essential skill for life and for employment. Please work with as we endeavour to support your children in becoming successful adults and employers/employees in the future.

We wish to remind you that any holiday booked within term time, will always be unauthorised unless there is an exceptional reason which has been agreed by the head teacher. The children have 13 weeks of holiday in one academic year, and this is the time when holidays should be taken. 

Please be advised that if your child's attendance drops below 90%, this is described as 'Persistent Absence'. A letter will be sent home and you will be invited to meet with the head teacher, to discuss the reasons for your child's attendance percentage, providing medical information where appropriate. If improvements are not made within a half term, the Education Welfare Officer / Inclusion Officer will arrange for a meeting between your family and school. PLEASE be reminded that we are not here to criticise your parenting skills or family life, but want to support you in your statutory duty of ensuring that your child is at school. THANK YOU for working in partnership with us.