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About Us

Meet the APPS Staff Team

Who's who in our school

These are our school staff as from September 2019.

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Sarah Tarrant (Head teacher and Lead DSL)
  • Mrs Lucy Allen (Deputy Head teacher, KS 1 Lead and Deputy DSL)
  • Mrs Mel Wootton (Assistant Head teacher, KS 2 Lead, Deputy DSL and THRIVE practitioner)
  • Mrs Lynsey Makepeace (Assistant Head teacher, Inclusion Coordinator and Deputy DSL)
  • Miss Lindsay Martin (COIN / LAN Unit Manager,  Deputy DSL & Senior Leader)
  • Mrs Victoria Diplock (Reception class teacher and EYFS Phase Leader)
  • Miss Gemma Spiers (EYFS)
  • Mrs Kerrie Maxfield (EYFS)
  • Mrs Sarah Jones (Year 1 class teacher & Year 1 Lead, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, Forest School Lead KS1)
  • Mrs Anna Foster (Year 1, Friday)
  • Mr Alistair Bloomer (Year 1)
  • Mrs Sharon Stride-Noble (Year 1, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
  • Mrs Lydia Kemish (Year 1, Thursday & Friday)
  • Miss Siobhan Cordery (Year 2 class teacher & Year 2 Lead)
  • Miss Aimee McCarry (Year 2)
  • Mrs Shazia Kaptan (Year 2)
  • Mrs Nicola A'Bear (Year 3 class teacher, Year 3 & 4 Phase Leader)
  • Miss Claire Fearon (Year 3)
  • Miss Rebecca Whelan (Year 3, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
  • Mrs Janet Cooper (Year 3, Thursday & Friday, Forest School Lead KS2)
  • Miss Simran Ahluwalia (Year 4 class teacher, Year 4 Lead)
  • Miss Emily Butcher (Year 4)
  • Miss Lisa Hannick (Senior leader, Year 5 class teacher, Phase Leader Years 5 & 6, Deputy DSL)
  • Miss Jessica Walukiewicz (Year 5)
  • Mrs Sue Taylor (Year 6 class teacher & Year 6 Lead)
  • Miss Jessica Beagley (Year 6)
  • Mrs Beth Durkin (Acorn)
  • Mrs Lucie Bourne (Acorn)

Learning Support Assistants


  • Mrs J Miller (Lead Learning Mentor)
  • Mrs H Tiller
  • Mrs C Cook
  • Mrs M Pfiffner (Mental Health First Aid Trainer and Lead Learning Mentor)
  • Mrs S Khan
  • Mrs D Barratt
  • Mrs D Boast
  • Mrs L Jenkins
  • Mrs H Linehan
  • Mrs N Davis
  • Mrs S Swinburn
  • Mrs A Collier
  • Miss S King
  • Miss C Phillips
  • Miss K Merifield (THRIVE practitioner, SEN Learning Mentor)
  • Miss K Nichols
  • Miss J Norris
  • Mrs A Powell
  • Mrs R Harding (Forest School, SEN Learning Mentor)
  • Mrs A Feniello (Lead Learning Mentor)
  • Mrs A Lindsay
  • Mrs T Smith
  • Mrs S Warrington
  • Miss A Bolbol
  • Mrs E Allushi
  • Ms R Braziuniene
  • Miss M Wall (Trainee Thrive Practitioner)
  • Mrs R McKenna (Trainee Thrive Practitioner)
  • Miss S Ellix
  • Miss G Dawson
  • Mrs Joanne Tyler
  • Miss Joanne Loveridge

Learning & Pastoral Support and Administration Staff

  • Mrs Amanda Woods (Business Manager and Senior Leadership Team)
  • Mrs Sonia Carlton (Office Manager & Head's PA)
  • Mrs Collette Crowe (Receptionist / Administrator)
  • Mrs Flora Gibbons (Pupil Welfare Administrator)
  • Miss Lisa Skipper (Pupil Welfare Administrator maternity cover)
  • Mrs Julie Hanks (Finance Administrator)
  • Mrs Jane Dioli (School Office Assistant)
  • Mrs Charlotte Perkins (Business Manager Administrator)
  • Mrs Karen Wood (Acorn Administrative Assistant)
  • Mr Ted Wells (Site Manager and Caretaker)
  • Mrs Pauline Bartlett (Behaviour & Pastoral lead, Deputy DSL & THRIVE practitioner)
  • Mrs Asma Fleming (Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Intervention practitioner)
  • Mrs Teresa Bailey (Higher Level Teaching Assistant, ASD practitioner)
  • Mrs Samantha Girvan (Home School Link Worker and Deputy DSL)
  • Storm Horgan (Therapy dog)
  • Blue and Daisy (Therapy rabbits)
  1. Home School Link Worker- Sam GirvanDownload

Ashford Park
Primary School

Station Crescent, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3HN

01784 250305

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