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At Ashford Park, we like to keep you fully up to date with school life with our weekly newsletters. Newsletters are delivered electronically via Parent Mail and included on this website. Hard copies are available and will be distributed via pupils to those families who do not have email accounts.

Please view our letters below.

  1. 7th May 2021Download
  2. 30th April 2021Download
  3. 23rd April 2021Download
  4. 1st April 2021Download
  5. 26th March 2021Download
  6. 19th March 2021Download
  7. 12th March 2021Download
  8. Children's News 5th March 2021Download
  9. 21st Feb 2021Download
  10. Children's News 12th February 2021Download
  11. 5th January 2021Download
  12. 3rd January 2021Download
  13. 17th December 2020Download
  14. 11th December 2020Download
  15. 27th November 2020Download
  16. 4th December 2020Download
  17. 20th November 2020Download
  18. 13th November 2020Download
  19. 6th November 2020Download
  20. 23rd October 2020Download
  21. 16th October 2020Download
  22. 9th October 2020Download
  23. 2nd October 2020Download
  24. 25th September 2020Download
  25. 18th September 2020Download
  26. 11th September 2020Download
  27. 4th September 2020Download
  28. Children's News 10th July 2020Download
  29. Children's News 3rd July 2020Download
  30. Children's News 26th June 2020Download
  31. Children's News 12th June 2020Download
  32. Children's News 19th June 2020Download
  33. Children's News 5th June 2020Download
  34. Children's News 7th May 2020Download
  35. Children's News 15th May 2020Download
  36. Children's News 22nd May 2020Download

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