Pupils as leaders

Student leadership groups are passionate advocates for their peers.

As a result, pupils build a real sense of informed and active modern citizenship.

They are well-informed about fundamental British values, such as democracy and law.

Pupils put these concepts into practice with their Smart School Council.

Ofsted, 2024                                                                                                                        

Pupil Voice and Leadership Roles

At Ashford Park we teach our pupils that their voice is the most powerful tool that they possess and that they have the opportunity to effect positive change in the world.

Our pupils are the leaders of the future so we encourage and develop leadership skills and pupil voice throughout their time at APPS.

In addition to lessons, we offer numerous opportunities for our pupils to have their say and to lead on various areas of school life, including: 

  • Smart School Council 
  • Communications Team
  • Head Pupils
  • House Captains
  • Prefects
  • Friendly Faces
  • Sports Crew

Smart School Council:

Head Pupils

Key Role Responsibilities

  • Ambassadors for APPS
  • Role models for all pupils
  • Support adults during assemblies
  • Lead prospective parent tours with the senior leadership team
  • Lead the Remembrance Day Service
  • Support adults throughout school whenever required

House Captains

Key Role Responsibilities

  • Leading by example and being positive role models
  • Demonstrating the APPS School Values
  • Awarding certificates for pupils who have tried really hard with their learning or who have demonstrated our APPS values
  • Supporting teachers and children to make sure that Sports Days run smoothly


Key Role Responsibilities

  • Ambassadors for APPS
  • Assist younger peers in the hall at lunchtimes
  • Buddies for Reception 
  • Wet Play leaders in Reception/Year1
  • Prepare the hall for assemblies
  • Support peers to move around the school safely during whole school transition times, with positive reminders to maintain smart school uniforms and calm, orderly transitions.

Friendly Faces

Our Friendly Faces welcome our children from Reception to Year 6 every morning, with a warm and welcoming smile at each school gate. The smiles continue throughout the day, especially in our Reception classes at lunch and break times. 

"As a Friendly Face, we come in to school 10 minutes early and wait at the gates just in case anyone feels unsettled or needs help walking to their classroom. We get to wear yellow luminous vest tops and a round smiley face badge."

"Being a Friendly Face is about being a good role model and being as kind as possible. We are here to help if you need us, just give us a shout!"

"As a Friendly Face you get lots of opportunities to meet new children and show them around our school."

"As a Friendly face, it's important to always wear a smile."

"Being a Friendly face is a great job and I would definitely recommend applying for it."

"As a Friendly Face, it is my job to help keep everybody safe."

"When the new Reception children start school next week, we are responsible for showing them to their new classrooms and where to put their bags and water bottles."

Sports Crew

We had to apply to become members of the Sports Crew. Some of us wrote letters of application, a couple of us recorded videos. Others wrote newspaper reports, information leaflets about how to keep fit and healthy and some of us created fact-files and posters to encourage others to live healthy lifestyles, to keep happy and healthy bodies and minds.

We were then selected to take part in the Sports Crew training run by Surrey Active at The Royal Holloway University - it was such an amazing building with incredible sports activities. 

The training was great fun. We learnt how to lead activities with groups of pupils across the primary age range and discussed the values of trust and honesty, which fit really well with our APPS values.

We were awarded the Sports Crew Bronze Award and received Sports Crew t-shirts, certificates and badges which we wear with pride. 

Following our training, we led assemblies to KS1 and KS2 explaining our role as a Sports Crew. 

We are now leading lunchtime activities and are planning how to achieve the Silver Award.