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World Book Day 2023


Axel K - Reading Ambassador for Skylark Class

On Friday 3rd March 2023, it was Ashford Park’s World Book Day. We completed several merrymaking activities involving adding decorative touches and book cover recreation.

Firstly, we jumped straight into a relaxing activity in which we copied or designed a book cover onto a t-shirt having first designed the cover on paper. This was a very nice challenge that I would definitely like to do again. Then we dived into a potato decorating challenge in which we decorated a potato using craft materials to transform the potato into a book character of our choosing. That concluded World Book Day at Ashford Park.

Reading Buddies Year 5 and Year 1


Potato Designing and Making Year 3

Noah W – Reading Ambassador for Robin Class

On World Book Day, I had the best day at school. We watched a Michael Rosen workshop, we made t-shirts and potatoes, and then I put my t-shirt on and went home.

Michael D – Reading Ambassador for Osprey Class

I enjoyed reading to younger children because it was not something we had done before and it was very enjoyable. From the quiz we took part in, I learnt that some people are drawn in by illustrations which would make our book areas more welcoming.

  T Shirt Designs Year 1                                                      T -shirt Designs Bumblebee Class


Arvin U-K & Maggie S Reading Ambassadors for Moorhen Class

Painting the potatoes was so much fun as we could choose our favourite book characters.  Arvin

We enjoyed the catwalk of our costumes after the activities.  Maggie

Kingfisher class

We enjoyed activities, such as designing our t-shirts, painting and decorating the potatoes or watching the clips of famous authors and their love for reading. It was great fun. We were also given reading challenges, bookmarks and reading tokens to take home. 

Tilly D – Reading Ambassador for Owl Class

World book day was amazing! It was so fun the activities were perfect. We painted potato characters and made our own World Book day t-shirts. We watched a BBC World Book Day live event which taught us about non-fiction, science fiction and adventure stories. We also got to make our own story. World book day was the best.

Reception – T-shirt design

The children enjoyed designing their own t-shirt with their favourite book characters including the tiger who came to tea and Harry Potter. 


Laura G – Reading Ambassador for Swift Class

World Book Day was so much fun in Swift Class. First, we were making designs on white t-shirts and drawing our favourite book characters. All of them were absolutely amazing and unique. After lunch, we were making porachters! – if you don’t know what they are, well basically a potato dressed as a book character. I did Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Across our class there were many different characters, including Paddington, Cho Chang and Dogman. Nearly at the end of the day we were taken to Reception to read books to the children. My Reading Buddy was Daisy and she was absolutely adorable. I really enjoyed every activity, but my favourite one was…. ok, I can’t decide, I liked them all!


Book week 2022

Each year, we celebrate World Book Day, where the children and staff dress up as their favourite book character. It is a chance to share in our love of reading as a school and to discover new characters to fall in love with!





Reading area competition finalists 2022!