Through the Literacy Tree ‘Literary Curriculum’, we follow an aligned approach to English using quality texts as a focus point of our writing.  Please see our shared vision statement below. 

Children explore literary texts and experience the works of numerous significant authors as they move through the school. Using these texts as a starting point, children engage in a wide variety of writing tasks, with grammar, spelling and punctuation objectives being taught in context within the books studied. We place great value in handwriting, teaching pre-cursive to our youngest children ensuring beautiful script from an early age. We want our young writers to master the English language with a strong control of grammar and punctuation but also a rich, imaginative bank of vocabulary. With these skills and experiences, we believe they can thrive as the authors, poets and journalists of tomorrow.

Our curriculum provides our children with a range of opportunities to:

  • write for real or creative purposes and audiences.
  • develop their own writing style and express their imaginative thoughts.
  • develop cohesion and accuracy within their writing through their awareness of the craft of the English language.
  • re-read and make improvements to their work by understanding that successful writing is a continuous process of drafting and editing.
  • improve their motor skills to be able to write with increasing legibility and fluency.

Take a look at some of our amazing writing!


Attack scene- Beowulf

Innovated Jabberwocky Poem


Prospero and Caliban's Conversation- The Tempest


Persuasive Letter to Dr Bryce- Pig Heart Boy