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Inspiring a Love for Lifelong Learning

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Year 5

To further support parental engagement and to improve your child's learning outcomes, please find below the year five, End of Year Learning Expectations, Learning Guide and Home Learning Experiences. We greatly enjoy immersing our children in a rich, varied and inspiring curriculum through our Imaginative Learning projects supported through 'Cornerstones'.

To support transition from year 5 to year 6, please also find a useful link to a website which provides past SATs papers for when the children move on to year 6.

Please find useful links to BBC Bitesize to support home learning:

Link to Daily lessons:

Link to Learn and Revise:

Link to Games: 

Link to Audio stories:


Link to 'White Rose Maths': 


Link to help with sentence formation:

Link to Hampton Court:

Link to the website of author, Julia Jarman:

Link to the Encyclopaedia Britannica:

Link to the Hachette Children's Group and author, Onjali Q. Rauf:

Link to information about the author, Frank Cottrell-Boyce:

Link to the website of author, M.G Leonard:

Link to the 'NASA Kids Club':

Link to the British Museum:

Link to Ultimate Adventure:

Link to Kew Gardens:

  1. Year 5 Newsletter Autumn Term 2020 Download
  2. 13.07.20 Y5 Week 7 Home LearningDownload
  3. 06.07.20 Y5 Week 6 Home LearningDownload
  4. 29.06.20 Y5 Week 5 Home LearningDownload
  5. Year 5 Spring Newsletter 2020Download
  6. Year 5 Autumn Newsletter 2019Download
  7. Year 5 Curriculum Map 2019 - 2020Download
  8. Active Surrey Home Activities March 2020Download
  9. End of year expectations for parents/carers - yr 5Download
  10. Year 5 White Rose Maths MasteryDownload
  11. Spelling-list-years-5-and-6Download
  12. Word-101-5-6-Spelling-List-1Download
  13. Brilliant Book List Y5Download
  14. Year 5 Home help reading enjoyment suggestionsDownload
  15. Year 5 Imaginative Learning Project - Pharoahs Download
  16. Year 5 Imaginative Learning Project - StargazersDownload
  17. Year 5 Imaginative Learning Project - Off With Her HeadDownload
  18. Year 5 Imaginative Learning Project - Time TravellerDownload
  19. Year 5 Imaginative Learning Project - AllotmentDownload
  20. Year 5 Imaginative Learning Project - Alchemy IslandDownload
  21. Y5 Aut 1 Home Learning PharaohsDownload
  22. Y5 Aut 2 Home Learning AIchemy IslandDownload
  23. Y5 Spr 1 Home Learning Off With Her HeadDownload
  24. Y5 Spr 2 Home Learning StargazerDownload
  25. Y5 Sum 1 Home Learning AllotmentDownload
  26. Y5 Sum 2 Home Learning Time TravellerDownload
  27. Y5 Aut 1 Knowledge Organiser - PharaohsDownload
  28. Y5 Aut 2 Knowledge Organiser - Alchemy IslandDownload
  29. Y5 Spr 1 Knowledge Organiser - Off With Her HeadDownload
  30. Y5 Spr 2 Knowledge Organiser - StargazersDownload
  31. Y5 Sum 1 Knowledge Organiser - AllotmentDownload
  32. Y5 Sum 2 Knowledge Organiser - Time TravellerDownload
  33. Weekly writing lessons from Pobble – 20-March-2020Download
  34. First News 10-16th April 2020Download
  35. First News 17th-23rd April 2020Download
  36. First News 24-30th April 2020Download

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