Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Kestrel Class

Miss Hannick

Osprey Class

Mrs Taylor

Red Kite Class

Miss Swinburn

PE Days

Kestrel Class:  Wednesday and Friday

Osprey Class: Wednesday and Friday

Red Kite Class: Wednesday and Friday


Here are some snapshots of the excellent learning in Year 6 last half term!


As part of our science learning linked to ‘Evolution and Inheritance’, we completed an investigation linked to Charles Darwin’s discoveries on how variations occurred in Finch bird beak sizes. We investigated how certain adaptations can increase the bird’s chances of acquiring food.  

The equipment we used to pick up the ‘food’ represented the bird beak sizes and the ‘food’ in the trays represented, worms, bugs, fruit and seeds. We discovered that different bird beak sizes were better suited to certain foods and this was why on different islands different variations were seen.

As part of our Geography learning linked to ‘Our Changing World’, we investigated the different types of weathering and erosion!


As part of our Spanish lessons and European Day of Languages, we completed language portraits to show which languages we spoke and explored the Spanish festival ‘La Semana Santa’ (Holy Week in Spain). We learnt how to ask and answer questions in Spanish linked to this festival and then interviewed each other.