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Inspiring a Love for Lifelong Learning

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Year 6

To further support parental engagement and to improve your child's learning outcomes, please see below our year  six, End of Year Learning Expectations,  Learning Guide and Home Learning Experiences.

PLEASE find a useful website that provides past SATs papers, to support your children:

Please find useful links to BBC Bitesize to support home learning:

Link to Daily lessons:

Link to Learn and Revise: 

Link to Games:

Link to Audio stories:


Link to 'White Rose Maths':


Link to help with sentence formation: 

Link to Thorpe Park School's department:

Link to the website for the author, R J Palacaio:

Link to the website for the author, William Grill:

Link to the website for the author, Emma Carroll:

Link to the Orangutan Foundation and author Sue Feenstra:

Link to the website of author, Louis Sachar:

Link to the website of author, Malorie Blackman:

Link to the Science Museum:

Link to the Natural History Museum:

Link to the Lincolnsfield Centre:

Link to Ultimate Adventure:


  1. Year 6 Newsletter Autumn 2020Download
  2. 13.07.20 HomeLearning Pack Yr6 Download
  3. 06.07.20 Home Learning Pack Yr6Download
  4. 29.06.20 Home Learning Pack Yr6Download
  5. Year 6 Spring Newsletter 2020Download
  6. Year 6 Newsletter Autumn 2019Download
  7. End-of-Year-Expectations-for-Parents/carers -Y6Download
  8. Active Surrey Home Activities March 2020Download
  9. Year 6 White Rose Maths MasteryDownload
  10. Spelling-list-years-5-and-6Download
  11. Word Spelling ListDownload
  12. Brilliant Book List Y6Download
  13. Year 6 APPS Curriculum MapDownload
  14. Year 6 Home help reading enjoyment suggestionsDownload
  15. Year 6 Imaginative Learning Project - ID NEWDownload
  16. Year 6 Imaginative Learning Project - Hola MexicoDownload
  17. Year 6 Imaginative Learning Project - Darwins DelightDownload
  18. Year 6 Imaginative Learning Project - Blood Heart Download
  19. Year 6 Imaginative Learning Project - Frozen KingdomDownload
  20. Year 6 Imaginative Learning Project - A Child's WarDownload
  21. Y6 Aut 1 Home Learning IDDownload
  22. Y6 Aut 2 Home Learning Frozen KingdomDownload
  23. Y6 Spring 1 Home Learning WarDownload
  24. Y6 Spring 2 Home Learning DarwinDownload
  25. Y 6 Summer 1 Home Learning Hola MexicoDownload
  26. Y6 Aut 1 Knowledge Organiser IDDownload
  27. Y6 Aut 2 Knowledge Organiser Frozen KingdomDownload
  28. Y6 Spring 1 Knowledge Organiser WarDownload
  29. Y6 Spring 2 Knowledge Organiser DarwinDownload
  30. Y6 Summer Knowledge Organiser Hola MexicoDownload
  31. Weekly writing lessons from Pobble – 20-March-2020Download
  32. First News 10-16th April 2020Download
  33. First News 17th-23rd April 2020Download
  34. First News 24-30th April 2020Download

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